What Is The Hottest Time Of The Day In El Paso?

what is the hottest time of the day in georgia, during summer. – Best Answer: The same as the hottest time of day anywhere else. Around 4PM in the city, maybe a little earlier in the country. The sun’s not as high as at noon, but the earth is releasing the heat it absorbed from the sun earlier in the day, plus the sun’s still putting out a fair amount of energy (due to the angle) at that time.

Unrelenting heat wave to keep breaking records in Southeast into, beyond Memorial Day – The hot weather is leading. into Memorial Day. This heat wave will also continue to enter record books in many communities.

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El Paso, TX Climate – climateSpy.com – The warmest month in El Paso International, El Paso, Texas is June with an average high temperature of 96.5F. The hottest day on record was July 1 1994 when the temperature hit 114.1f. During January the overnight temperature drops to an average of 32.1F with the lowest temperature of -7.1F being recorded on January 11 1962

Texas Annual Temperatures and Extremes – coolweather.net – The coldest day in weather records in Texas was February 12, 1899. On that day, over half of the state reached subzero temperatures, and the other recorded instance of -23 F occurred in Tulia. Another massive cold wave took place in late January 1949, when temperatures dropped subzero from Dallas to San Antonio.

What Is the Hottest Time of the Day? | Reference.com – The hottest time of day is usually in the afternoon. The exact time depends upon season and location. There is typically a lag between when the sun is highest in the sky, solar noon, and when the temperature is greatest.